Blog on the Bus pt 5 (the ultimate question)

Good morning all. You join me here on this cold and drizzly morning waiting for the answer to life’s ultimate question: will the bus be on time today?
I tend to pre-empt the kind of week I’m due to experience based on the number-4’s Monday morning punctuality, like a twisted astrologer. A quick word to other Virgos out there: it’s not looking good with 2mins to go.
What is the point of all this drivel, I hear you ask…
Well go on then, ask…
That’s better. The point of what I am saying is that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (tenuous I know but stay with me). In the same way that I rely on the bus’ inability to stick to its published schedule to predict the quality of the coming week, so we all do when selecting our next great read. As an independently (and therefore unknown author) I am duty-bound to hope that the next potential reader will not feel physically sick when they cop an eyeful of my latest design. But what if they don’t like it? What if they are allergic to the colour black, should that really be relied upon as a useful critique of the work beneath the glossy cover? Of course not. Don’t be ridiculous!
So, dear reader, my challenge to you today is to stop looking for portents to determine the future or your next book choice. Keep an open mind and make the brave decision to select an indie author the next time your eyes require a literary massage.
By the way Virgos, the bus was on time so maybe, just maybe, it’ll be a good week.
Until next time, happy reading!


Blog on the Bus pt 4 (every day is a lesson in life)

Morning all. Exactly 1 week since I started this nonsensical blog from the confines of Southampton’s premier bus service, I’m back. The better news is I left earlier this morning so that the cheeky number-4 bus driver (oh how we laugh) couldn’t leave without me. And therein lies this morning’s lesson: there is value in learning from your mistakes!
As an independently published author, I am still learning with each new piece of writing I compose. My first work ‘Integration’ started as an idea but I made the plot up as I was going along. It’s a decent story but is guilty of over explaining certain points / plot developments. But I learned from it. I learned that I had the patience / commitment / stupidity to write. With my second novel ‘Remorse’ I wrote a plot outline before I started writing but this only really covered the major incidents that would happen and not the bits in between that linked the scenes (ie my jam sandwich was missing the fruit preserve). Roll on book-3 and I made sure I included the jam (though the seeds wouldn’t follow until book-4 or ‘Snatched’ as I call it).
I think (for think, read hope) that if you asked my readers if my writing style is improving, they would vehemently argue (one can dream I suppose) that it is. I love writing and developing a good story and so long as I continue to learn from it, it can only get better.
Oh, here is my stop (how quickly it seems to appear some days) so I better log off. Until the next time, happy reading.


Blog on the Bus pt 3 (best things come to those who wait)

They say ‘the best things come to those who wait’. It’s an interesting theory, one designed to encourage patience, a virtue most of us aren’t blessed with. What is never stipulated is how long one is destined to wait for said ‘best things’. Best for whom, I ask.
So here I am, back on the number-4 pondering the day’s events and how I can try to find the positives. If you saw my post on Friday you will have seen that I had just missed out on a promotion at work. Thankfully I had a really enjoyable weekend with my wife and daughter, so much so that Friday’s disappointment hardly entered my head. But today was the first day back in the office post-announcement. I had hoped that I would be feeling inspired to do some writing, to indulge my creative passion, but sadly I still couldn’t motivate myself to type and so I’ve achieved a zero word count today.
I can live with this I suppose because I don’t buy into that writer’s premise that it’s a good practice “to write something everyday”. Nonsense! I write best when my creative juices are flowing and can usually get 1500-2000 cohesive words down in an hour. If I’d have written today because of ‘good practice’ it would have been drivel that would have ended up in my recycle bin. I suppose in this way I am embodying some of the ‘best things come to those who wait’ philosophy.
I’ve got to finish the blog early today as the dog needs a worming pill so I need to get off the bus by the vet. Thanks for stopping by, until next time, keep reading!

Blog on the Bus pt 2 (crap days help us enjoy good days more)

So here I am again, travelling along the wondrous adventure that is riding Southampton’s bus service (on the 4 and not the 9 today).
I’m not going to lie to you, reader, it’s been a tough day today. I received some disappointing news in my other life (the one where I work 9-5 Mon-Fri as opposed to the writer-one). To cut a long story short (as the bus stops are whizzing by) I missed out on an opportunity. I still feel a bit gutted to be honest, but ever the optimist, I’m looking for the silver lining in this menacing cloud. Staring through my magnifying glass I am reminded of my favourite philosophy: everything happens for a reason!
So what if I won’t have anyone addressing me as ‘sir’. So what if I won’t be getting the massive pay rise I deserve. At least I will still have time to indulge my true passions: writing and family. Tomorrow I’m lucky enough to be spending the day with my incredible 2year old daughter and hopefully on Sunday I can continue writing my latest novelette.
Promotion would have been nice (and deserved) but also time consuming. My future is destined for greater things. I will make it as a full time writer one day and by my side will be my ever-supportive and loving family. That’s almost reason to celebrate in my eyes. Whether celebrating or drowning my sorrows I shall raise a glass to a crappy day and be grateful that tomorrow will be better.
Oh crap, the driver has the indicator on so I have to dash. Until the next time, my friend, happy reading!


Blogging on the Bus pt 1 (time waits for no man, nor does the bus)


Welcome to this, my inaugural ‘Blog on the Bus’. Over the coming weeks I will endeavour to post a quick insight into my world while I travel on the bus from my home to the beautiful city of Southampton. It’s only a 20minute ride so you shouldn’t be subjected to too much drivel and nonsense.

Today I’m on the number-9 as I was two minutes late for my usual bus, the number-4. It frustrates me that when the number-4 is late arriving, I have the common decency to wait for it. Yet today, when I was delayed by taking my wife a cup of tea ion bed, the bus was both on time, and in no mood to wait for yours truly.

As I look around the near-full bus, I can see two people with koi del devices busy reading, it makes me think, should I be telling them about my wonderful offerings on said device? It would be a bit ‘used car salesman’-like but I could also be doing them a favour; for all I know they are looking for a great read from an up and coming new author, such as I.

I suppose what stops me approaching them is the fear of rejection. It’s far easier just to publish via the faceless world of Amazon and hope some nutcase takes a punt with one of my works. But that doesn’t mean the easy way is the right choice. In the cut throat world of authorship and publishing, I know I need to develop a backbone and to thrust my talent forward; it’s not like I have the backing of a multi-million dollar publishing contract to support me, is it?

Oh, I just realised my stop is fast approaching. Thanks for popping by to read my inane witterings. Until the next time, happy reading!