Blogging on the Bus pt 1 (time waits for no man, nor does the bus)


Welcome to this, my inaugural ‘Blog on the Bus’. Over the coming weeks I will endeavour to post a quick insight into my world while I travel on the bus from my home to the beautiful city of Southampton. It’s only a 20minute ride so you shouldn’t be subjected to too much drivel and nonsense.

Today I’m on the number-9 as I was two minutes late for my usual bus, the number-4. It frustrates me that when the number-4 is late arriving, I have the common decency to wait for it. Yet today, when I was delayed by taking my wife a cup of tea ion bed, the bus was both on time, and in no mood to wait for yours truly.

As I look around the near-full bus, I can see two people with koi del devices busy reading, it makes me think, should I be telling them about my wonderful offerings on said device? It would be a bit ‘used car salesman’-like but I could also be doing them a favour; for all I know they are looking for a great read from an up and coming new author, such as I.

I suppose what stops me approaching them is the fear of rejection. It’s far easier just to publish via the faceless world of Amazon and hope some nutcase takes a punt with one of my works. But that doesn’t mean the easy way is the right choice. In the cut throat world of authorship and publishing, I know I need to develop a backbone and to thrust my talent forward; it’s not like I have the backing of a multi-million dollar publishing contract to support me, is it?

Oh, I just realised my stop is fast approaching. Thanks for popping by to read my inane witterings. Until the next time, happy reading!


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