Blog on the Bus pt 2 (crap days help us enjoy good days more)

So here I am again, travelling along the wondrous adventure that is riding Southampton’s bus service (on the 4 and not the 9 today).
I’m not going to lie to you, reader, it’s been a tough day today. I received some disappointing news in my other life (the one where I work 9-5 Mon-Fri as opposed to the writer-one). To cut a long story short (as the bus stops are whizzing by) I missed out on an opportunity. I still feel a bit gutted to be honest, but ever the optimist, I’m looking for the silver lining in this menacing cloud. Staring through my magnifying glass I am reminded of my favourite philosophy: everything happens for a reason!
So what if I won’t have anyone addressing me as ‘sir’. So what if I won’t be getting the massive pay rise I deserve. At least I will still have time to indulge my true passions: writing and family. Tomorrow I’m lucky enough to be spending the day with my incredible 2year old daughter and hopefully on Sunday I can continue writing my latest novelette.
Promotion would have been nice (and deserved) but also time consuming. My future is destined for greater things. I will make it as a full time writer one day and by my side will be my ever-supportive and loving family. That’s almost reason to celebrate in my eyes. Whether celebrating or drowning my sorrows I shall raise a glass to a crappy day and be grateful that tomorrow will be better.
Oh crap, the driver has the indicator on so I have to dash. Until the next time, my friend, happy reading!



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