Blog on the Bus pt 3 (best things come to those who wait)

They say ‘the best things come to those who wait’. It’s an interesting theory, one designed to encourage patience, a virtue most of us aren’t blessed with. What is never stipulated is how long one is destined to wait for said ‘best things’. Best for whom, I ask.
So here I am, back on the number-4 pondering the day’s events and how I can try to find the positives. If you saw my post on Friday you will have seen that I had just missed out on a promotion at work. Thankfully I had a really enjoyable weekend with my wife and daughter, so much so that Friday’s disappointment hardly entered my head. But today was the first day back in the office post-announcement. I had hoped that I would be feeling inspired to do some writing, to indulge my creative passion, but sadly I still couldn’t motivate myself to type and so I’ve achieved a zero word count today.
I can live with this I suppose because I don’t buy into that writer’s premise that it’s a good practice “to write something everyday”. Nonsense! I write best when my creative juices are flowing and can usually get 1500-2000 cohesive words down in an hour. If I’d have written today because of ‘good practice’ it would have been drivel that would have ended up in my recycle bin. I suppose in this way I am embodying some of the ‘best things come to those who wait’ philosophy.
I’ve got to finish the blog early today as the dog needs a worming pill so I need to get off the bus by the vet. Thanks for stopping by, until next time, keep reading!


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