Blog on the Bus pt 4 (every day is a lesson in life)

Morning all. Exactly 1 week since I started this nonsensical blog from the confines of Southampton’s premier bus service, I’m back. The better news is I left earlier this morning so that the cheeky number-4 bus driver (oh how we laugh) couldn’t leave without me. And therein lies this morning’s lesson: there is value in learning from your mistakes!
As an independently published author, I am still learning with each new piece of writing I compose. My first work ‘Integration’ started as an idea but I made the plot up as I was going along. It’s a decent story but is guilty of over explaining certain points / plot developments. But I learned from it. I learned that I had the patience / commitment / stupidity to write. With my second novel ‘Remorse’ I wrote a plot outline before I started writing but this only really covered the major incidents that would happen and not the bits in between that linked the scenes (ie my jam sandwich was missing the fruit preserve). Roll on book-3 and I made sure I included the jam (though the seeds wouldn’t follow until book-4 or ‘Snatched’ as I call it).
I think (for think, read hope) that if you asked my readers if my writing style is improving, they would vehemently argue (one can dream I suppose) that it is. I love writing and developing a good story and so long as I continue to learn from it, it can only get better.
Oh, here is my stop (how quickly it seems to appear some days) so I better log off. Until the next time, happy reading.



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