Blog on the Bus pt 9 (Christmas is coming)

Good evening one and all (and all those inbetween). The subject of tonight’s bus ramble is Christmas, or more specifically, ‘is it too early to embrace the spirit?’
I am personally fed up of those who moan when Christmas cards and tinsel make it into the local Tesco’s in October (there are of course other equally-sufficient supermarkets, so please don’t view this post as any kind of brand placement). Such people moan that the event is too commercialised and that the only reason such outlets increase their turkey orders is to rip off you and I and to squeeze those last few pounds from our already-over-stretched budgets. Whilst I don’t argue against this point, I question why you and I allow those supermarket-robbers to do this. The answer is simple: we want them to.
The vast majority of people (I surveyed 100 imaginary people and 99 of them agreed with me!) like the warm, fuzzy feeling they get at this particular time of year, regardless of religious inclination. For some Christmas is a time for giving, receiving and sharing in humankind’s warm nature. The saying goes “goodwill to all men” and I believe Christmas represents the one (and possibly only) time of year where this is true. We are all naturally more inclined to embrace our fellow human, simply because that’s the done thing. Some embrace the chance to spend time with friends and family, others enjoy the exchanging of gifts and some love “all the trimmings.” I for one enjoy spending time with my in-laws (did I really just say that?). Christmas generally increases the positivity of the planet so why should we question its premature arrival in October, just because retailers are increasing their profits on the side?
In a world plagued with terrorist atrocities, natural disasters and Piers Morgan, there is already enough negativity to fill two lifetimes. If there is a chance to enjoy that warm glow, that only the Christmas season brings, early, then I for one am going to take it! So join with me this cold, Winter’s evening and deck your halls, share a kiss under some mistletoe or join Jonah Lewie’s attempt to Stop the Calvary. Christmas is 46 days away but I need cheering up so I’m going to get into my Christmas spirit ( and probably jumper) tonight and enjoy basking in the warmth and kindness. It’s never too early to be happy and embrace your fellow man, surely?

May I be the first to wish you goodwill for the forthcoming season! Until the next time, happy reading,



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