Blog on the Bus pt 10 (what makes a good book title?)

Good evening. Welcome to the magical number-4 Southampton bus as it weaves its journey to the sacred land of HOME. I hope you are seated comfortably and have paid the driver?
My debate (not a mass one you understand) is on the subject of book titles. I (someone for whom the phrase ‘short and too the point’ is a life mantra) prefer single word titles, hence ‘Integration’, ‘Remorse’, ‘Redemption’ and ‘Snatched’ being my releases. I have strayed from the theme for the novelette ‘The Perfect Tonic’ but am hoping that the one-word title will become my thing (I’ve always dreamed of having a “thing”). So this brings me onto book-5, a working title for now I’m sure you’ll appreciate. I am in the plotting phase of the storyline at the moment and all I can really say is that it will be the slickest-plotted story to date with plenty of action and twists along the way. I’m at that “can’t wait to start writing” phase that grips all us would-be-wordsmiths like a profylactic around an erect phallus: it just won’t let go (too crude? Moi?)
So here’s the conundrum: stick to the 1 word “thing” or choose a more fitting multi-word option (I feel flush just suggesting it). If I stick to my guns (no driver, I don’t have a weapon concealed) then it needs to be a word that describes at least part of the plot, looks intriguing to a potential reader and doesn’t begin with the letter ‘R’ (this is because 2 of my 4 novels have and I don’t want to be remembered as the author whose titles all begin with ‘R’. That’s not my “thing”)
Titles considered so far include “Vengeance” (too many books called that already), “Counterblow” (have been told that sounds military) and “Execution” (as in executing a job, not a person, but how will the reader know?)
I am open to all suggestions from bus travellers so now it’s competition time: pick the title of my next novel based on the plot ‘one man is looking for revenge on the people who ruined his life’
Please post your entries to the blog and I’ll choose the winning entry once I’ve finished writing the bugger.
Oh, what’s the prize you said? Oh I’m at my bus stop, time to disembark. I’ll get back to you on that one.
Until next time, happy reading!



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