Blog on the Bus pt 12 (better day)

Good morning to you and salutations to your loved ones. Today IS going to be a good day. If I repeat it often enough, hopefully it will come true (keep your fingers crossed, won’t you?)
Yesterday wasn’t a great day, though I can’t quite put my finger on why that was. Nothing inherently ‘bad’ occurred but I just woke up in a grey mood and couldn’t shake the cloud all day. There have been days when I’ve woken with a youthful excitement that nobody could burst but yesterday just wasn’t one of those days (guess I’m just getting old)
So today I’m determined that my day will be better because I will be better.
So let’s all say it together, ‘today IS going to be a good day’. Come on, say it with me now. Out loud. Wherever you happen to be. I’m on the 6.55 number 9 bus from Sholing to Southampton (God only knows where the No4 is today) and I’m rejoicing it ‘today IS going to be a good day!’ (Sorry Mr Driver, I’ll sit down in a minute)
Sometimes you have to speak louder than the crowd to get your message across: whether you’re in a meeting/argument at work, whether you’re on the pull in a nightclub or perhaps you’re an indie author trying to find your place in the wordsmith-plain…make yourself heard, because nobody will do it for you.
Once more for the road ‘today IS going to be a good day!’ I sincerely hope it is for you.

Until next time, happy reading!



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