Blog on the Bus pt 14 (back for good #TBSU)

Good evening, dear follower, and thanks for joining me on the number-4 bus this evening. My fingers are numb from being stood at the bus stop here in icy Southampton. It seems like an age since I’ve caught the bus, as following a bout of sickness the wife has taken pity on me (what do you mean ‘hard to believe’?) and been driving me in each day. Part of me wonders if she’s doing it to earn a bigger Christmas present. The crazy thing is I’ve already pushed the boat out this year for her. I can’t wait to see her face when she sees her £6 voucher instead of the usual £5. She really will know how loved she is, won’t she?
Anyway, where was I? Oh right, the blog. Well today’s mumbling are about not living up to expectation
As an Arsenal fan it has become increasingly difficult to watch my club going through such turmoil. Last night’s defeat to Bradford was almost unbearable at times. It got me thinking about the expectation that reading fans must put on us authors. They want to be entertained and gripped by our nonsensical scribblings. So how can we live up to the expectation? Easy: listen to them!
I’ve been lucky enough to become acquainted with some of my readers and interact with them over vital plot decisions and even potential book titles. They are eager to reciprocate and whilst they may gain satisfaction for being part of the creative process, I get the satisfaction of knowing I’m delivering what is expected of me. I would encourage every author to get in touch and get to know their audience. More importantly, listen to them!

Now for an important announcement. I’ve joined the blog scratcher’s union and hereby declare my oath and allegiance etc etc. TBSU is a group of bloggers who will actively look to promote their fellow scribblers’ blogs in an effort to increase exposure. Here are my recommendations to you:


I particularly recommend the last one on the list. Seumas makes me smile daily.

Until I next see you on the bus, happy reading!



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