Blog on the Bus pt 16 (usual suspects)

It’s odd isn’t it? How you can go through life seeing the same faces day after day and not really knowing anything about them?
As I sit on the 4X this evening (I like to pretend the ‘X’ is a kiss from the bus company, like you’d put at the end of a card) I recognise several of my fellow passengers but couldn’t even tell you their names. I like to name each familiar face myself and when I’m not blogging on the bus, I am imagining their back stories (if you don’t already do this I highly recommend it as a time-passer).
Take for instance Gladys (this is not her real name you understand, or at least I assume its not, I really don’t know). I see Gladys on the morning and evening journey on the bus. She is a tall and slightly-built woman who sits at the front of the bus on one of those granny-seats that face sideways instead of forwards (I’ve never understood the point of those seats as they’re higher than your standard and most elderly passengers would probably struggle to reach the top). Gladys has what I can only describe as a nest on the top of her head and I assume she has it permed in that way (“short back and sides, Madame with a perm on top? Certainly.”). Anyway, what I do know about her is that she works for the council (she wears a badge), sports a pair of wire-framed glasses and smokes like a chimney (sparks up a cigarette as soon as she tastes clean air). That is all I know. However, in my mind Gladys is a part-time librarian (she has that “librarian look” if you can imagine) who lives alone, other than the army of cats she describes as her “family”. She has been married but she killed him when she discovered he was having a fling with his secretary. The body has never been found…
I am sure that Gladys is probably very nice (despite her icy exterior) and is well-liked by her friends (despite the two sparrows inhabiting that thing on her head). It doesn’t matter who she really is because in my world she is something very different. Why don’t you give it a go yourself? It’s much more fun to imagine what those usual suspects in your life do, probably more interesting too.
I even bet some of you picture me as a talented author who knows what he’s talking about? Imagination is much better isn’t it?!

Until next time, happy reading!



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