Christmas Blog (no bus in sight)

Good morning all, I ho-ho-hope you are having a fantastic Christmas break. I’m not due to catch my usual number-4 route for a couple of weeks and wanted to take this opportunity to share a few personal highlights from 2012.

First off, I survived the end-of-the-world (winner!). I don’t need you to congratulate me, it was nothing, no really, it was nothing! If you’re reading this nonsense then you survived too (yay for you!).

In terms of my writing, I published my third and fourth novels (Redemption and Snatched) as well as my first short story (The Perfect Tonic). Also, I breached the 15k sales barrier and had my second novel Remorse in Amazon’s Top100 chart for 8-days. A definite high for any writer. I have now been a “published” author for eighteen months and the creative ideas continue to flow so the end is not yet in sight, which is a blessing for 2013.

My third highlight (work-wise) has to be the blossoming relationship I have with my core readers. Fundamentally, without readers I would just be a madman writing crazy ideas (what do you mean by “that’s what you are”?). Through Twitter, Facebook and this here blog, I’ve been fortunate enough to make several new friends who always seem willing / able to offer a kind word when my writer’s confidence takes an inevitable nosedive. To you (yes, you!) I say a massive THANK YOU! It’s a bumpy ride being a writer and nothing levels the road more than positive feedback or a generous review.

There have been too many highlights to mention with my little family and little Emily is still my proudest achievement (more than my books!) She continues to amaze me everyday and she is my raison d’être and the reason I continue to drag my sorry ass to work each day (I have no idea what the donkey does while I’m in the office but he always smiles when I come out).

So what will 2013 bring? My next novel is set for release in June and I promise you it will be well worth the wait. There’s also a possibility of seeing my paperbacks on the shelves of a well known high street retailer (I’ll share more news when I have something concrete, I don’t mean a paving slab). Whatever happens in 2013, I hope you will be with me along the way.

Thank you for your support this year, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!



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