Blog on the Bus pt 18 (progress update)

This is the first number-4 bus I’ve caught this year. It’s so nice to see you could make it along. The way we are bouncing about makes me think that the driver is still as drunk as he was on New Year’s Day but hey, who am I to complain?

Thought I’d just give you an update on my new project: I’ve started.

Thanks for dropping by. Until next time…

What do you mean? You want more? Oh. Okay then…

I have written the first 5k words of Dead Drop. For those familiar with my previous publications, this novel continues to follow the career of Southampton’s least-revered DCI, Jack Vincent (pronounced Vin-sent). This time round, he has 3 massive cases to contend with (not suitcases, criminal cases). A terrorist bombing at the West Quay shopping centre, an office shooting and a plane hijacking (That’s just the first 30k words you understand). The 3 cases seem unrelated, but like any good episode of 24, the real story will emerge halfway through. I’ve been plotting this story since November and I believe it will be the slickest paced story to date.
I don’t want to give away too many more details just yet, but hopefully I’ve given you enough of a taster to keep you salivating until June’s publication.

Must dash, I can see my bus stop rapidly approaching. Until we’re next on this beautiful journey, happy reading.



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