Blog on the Bus pt 20 (televisual tribulations)

Good afternoon to you. Here we are on the early 3.30 number-4 bus. I’ve left work early to get home for an engineer (consider this the prologue to my story).

And here’s the beginning…

For the past few weeks I’ve been umming and aarghing over whether to upgrade the telly in the living room. We had a 32″ model, which was about 3years old. It had freeview built in but we tend to watch most things through our TiVo box. It’s funny actually, we don’t watch many live shows, we watch recorded stuff when we have the time (by the time we’ve seen an ad for a shop sale it’s usually finished!). Anyway, I’d spotted an LG 42″ model that I liked in the Curry’s sale (this is in no way an endorsement, other electrical retailers exist…). I spent a good fortnight trying to convince the wife that it wouldn’t look too big for the room but then decided I wouldn’t bother upgrading the set as I couldn’t figure out where to put the old model (I wanted to put it upstairs but the wife was against it). The wife then decided we should get it and spent all last week trying to convince me to buy the one I wanted and to sell the old 32″ on the web. So on Friday afternoon I went online to order the LG set from the aforementioned electrical store only to find the only place it was available was 40 miles away. I decided to order it only to receive a phone call to say it was an ex-display model without a stand. Back to the drawing board…
I found another LG TV in Sainsburys online (same model but without Freeview HD) so I dragged the wife to the store Friday night, cash in hand, only to find that they didn’t stock them and I’d have to order it online to collect in store. I got home and ordered it.

Here’s the first twist…

I woke up on Saturday morning and the old 32″ would not turn on. That’s right, knowing it was about to be replaced, my old tv died. So having spent weeks trying to decide if I should upgrade, now my hand had been forced. The one I’d ordered wasn’t due in store until Wednesday so I decided to cancel the order and see what I could pick up that day. At this point I decided I would invest some extra cash in the model and narrowed it down to 2 SMART TVs. I went to visit that electrical retailer (reminder, sounds like an Indian takeaway) to compare the picture quality of the two (wasn’t much in it). I decided to ask the expert (I use this term in the loosest manner possible) for some guidance on which was better. His opinion was the Samsung model but also pointed out that the LG version was as out of stock as the earlier model I mentioned.

Before my expedition to the store I had seen that the Samsung was available elsewhere with a 5year warranty so plumped to phone them instead to check if they had any in stock. They advised they didn’t buy could order one over the phone for Monday collection. I gave them my card details but the card was declined (owing to the fact I had withdrawn the cash the night before, before going to Sainsbury’s).

When the wife returned from work we headed to town to order the tv with cash, only to be advised they had 5 in store ready to take with us. Finally, I thought, my luck was changing. I parted with my cash and returned home with my new set. I was pretty excited at this point and eager to see my new purchase in action. I wired it up…


My TiVo box would not connect to it. The Freeview worked great but no matter what I tried (numerous wires in numerous ports) I just couldn’t get the bugger to work. I eventually gave up at 10pm and headed for bed. I spent another 3hours fiddling with it (the TV you understand) on Sunday morning with no luck. I phoned the (I won’t say lovely) people at Virgin but they couldn’t figure it out either.

So now I find myself homeward bound on the early bus to await a Virgin engineer who will probably tell me the TV is incompatible with my TiVo box.

Sadly, the epilogue to this story is yet to be written. Please wish me luck for the next 4hours as I’m sure nobody deserves the amount of bad karma over a TV as I’ve suffered.

Until next time, happy reading.



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