Blog on the Bus pt 21 (Samsung saga)

I feel privileged today to be riding in the lap of the Gods (metaphorically and literally) for not only have I been inundated with requests for an update to my TV troubles See Blog on the Bus pt 20 but I am also riding the upper deck of the bus this evening. I’m not sure which excites me more. I’m not on the number-4 this evening but the number-1 (for reasons that would probably bore you) and so I’ve been granted the opportunity to travel in the clouds. I appreciate I’m exaggerating the picture a little (okay, a lot) but there is something to be said for the better class of view from up here. To those who’ve not been to lovely Southampton then I highly recommend it because it’s…well lovely (like what I said).

Anyway, so when I last posted I was on my way home to await the visit of a Virgin engineer. Well when I got home I walked the dog and with 10mins to go before he was due I decided to shower, after all engineers are never on time are they?

So I’m naked upstairs (full frontal starkers I swear) when the doorbell rings. So I desperately scramble to find some trousers and a top before haring down the stairs to answer the door. I bet he had no idea I was commando! He asked me what the problem was (I nearly referred him to the blog to be honest) so I explained the issues. He played around with the cables for a bit, took a call about another job and then decided it was the TiVo box that needed replacing. Within 20mins he was gone with the new TiVo downloading its updates. Fair enough to him, the new box worked and, touch wood (everyone hug an oak tree for me, please?), it has been working perfectly ever since.

So a happy ending you might think? Not exactly. In true Stephen Edger style, the bitter twist in the tale is that we lost the 30% worth of recorded programmes on the old box that we had yet to watch. But in this day and age of on-demand viewing with i-players, p-players and z-players we are hoping to still catch up on some of the content.

So what has all this taught me? Not sure really. Don’t spend ages waiting to make important purchases because it’s more hassle to delay?

Which reminds me, if you have a kindle and are looking for a good read, look no further than my Stephen Edger page on Amazon (that plug was seamless, right?)

Until the next time, happy reading.



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