Blog on the Bus pt 22 (practically giving it away)

Good day to you fair traveller, aboard today’s venture on the number-4 across our fair Southampton. I hope this journey finds you in high spirits and fair favour?

Today’s topic of text (alliteration driver) is on freebies (gifts, not STIs). I have been pretending to be a writer of sorts (and of books) for two and a bit (not yet half, more of a quarter) years now and in my time I’ve come across a number of writers (some indie, some traditional) who each preach (hey, maybe I need to consider becoming a poet) different methods of establishing readers and how to actually make some £cash $dollar and €dosh from this writing business. Some argue that the secret is to keep your books low priced i.e. under £1. Others decree that the higher the price, the more distinguished a reader you will locate. Similarly, there are arguments for giving away your books for £free (I know, crazy right?). Why spend 6+ months of your life pouring your very soul into a project and expect nothing in return? It’s lunacy I tell you…

Or is it?

As an unknown writer (for that is what I am) my target must be in growing an audience: one that will enjoy my work so much that they come back and buy one of my other stories and tell their friends of this wonderful author (for that is what I aspire to be) they’ve discovered. This leads to world recognition, interviews and movie projects (there maybe something missing from the middle of that journey but I haven’t figured out what it is yet). So, how do I convince someone who’s never met me to read my work?

That freebie idea suddenly makes sense.

So, for 4-days only (this offer will not be repeated) I will be giving away copies of my debut novel Integration on Kindle at no charge starting Friday 01 February. A freebie February frenzy if you will. So shout it from the scaffolding, bellow it from your balcony and holler it from the hilltops. Tell your friends (hell, tell strangers too, I don’t care!) to download their copy this weekend and give it a go.

UK: Integration

US: Integration

Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing the news!



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