Blog on the Bus pt 24 (gratitude is free too)

Hello again. It’s so lovely to see you once more. It’s becoming a bit of a regular trip for you on this bus isn’t it? I don’t blame you; it sure beats taking the train or walking.

Since you’ve stopped by, I wonder if you could do me a small favour? In the past 5-days, I’m sure you’re aware, I’ve been flogging my debut novel for free on the platform that is Amazon’s Kindle. It has been a decent few days, with downloads keeping Integration in Amazon’s Top-100 thrillers. That doesn’t quite make it a bestseller (hell, what does?) but it gets my work out there to a few more readers. And as I said in Blog on the Bus pt 22 the purpose of me giving away my hard work was to increase my readership. I’m sure some will read the novel and see it for the s*** it is, but hopefully some might also connect with it and (dare I say it) buy one of my other novels.

So anyway, the favour is for you to say ‘thank you’ on my behalf to anyone you know who has downloaded a copy of Integration. If you yourself downloaded a copy then please also accept my thanks.

I won’t pretend being an unknown writer is particularly pleasant (the self-doubt, vulnerability and feeling of your heart breaking into a thousand pieces is reminiscent of being a fourteen year old school girl) but it’s something I continue to pursue in the hope that my writing does touch somebody out there.

Enough of this mushy soul-searching: it’s too damn early! Thanks again and please do share my gratitude with anyone you know who grabbed a copy.

Until the next time, happy reading.



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