Blog on the Bus pt 25 (got to wear shades)

Here we are again, aboard the luxury and joy-filled 4A, hurtling across the humble highways of Southampton (what did you call me? I’m a what?! No, I’m a writer…a writer).

As you’ve come over for a chat, let’s talk about my ongoing projects (arrogant? Moi?). Well, I have a couple of stubby fingers in a couple of grubby pies at the moment.

The first is Dead Drop, my latest thriller. I’m 37k words into the project, so technically (technically you understand) I am behind schedule, but in my defence I have been working on other projects in the last week too (see below). Dead Drop finds D.I. Jack Vincent facing his toughest decisions to date, a face from the past and three of the biggest cases he has ever seen. It’s going to be action-packed and full of more twists than an egg cholla (it’s a bread, popular with Jewish folk. Google it!)

The second project is Death Toll, a short story anthology featuring yours truly among a host of other dynamic indie authors. I’ve written a new story, Best Served Cold for the project about a man arrested on suspicion of killing his wife (they do say you should write about what you know – watch out Hannah!) The aim of the project is to introduce you, the reader, to some other wonderful independent authors, and likewise, me to their readers. We have been very busy getting our stories ready. The authors involved include bestselling indie authorAlex Shaw who is the creative genius behind the Hetman series. You’ll also find contributions from Jake Needham, Kim Chamberlain who is the man behind Espionage Magazine (worth a look if you enjoy crime / thrillers) and non other than Internationally famed Stephen Leather. Stephen who writes the Spider Shepherd series has kindly offered a short story to the project to help its launch. Next will follow the website with further details. Watch this space…

That brings us nicely onto project-3: my audacious attempts to get some of my work on the shelves of Waterstones. We are in early talks, so no guarantees yet, but if I continue to badger them, hopefully I can wear them down.

So as the title of this rant (sorry, I mean blog) suggests, the future is looking bright (by bright, I’m talking ‘energy saving bulbs’, not your traditional halogen jobbies).

Oh look, here we are again, time to disembark and return to our families. I swear this journey gets quicker everyday, or maybe it’s just that I’m getting more immersed in this world where I think I’m a writer. Still, you’ve got to have a dream right?

Until the next time, happy reading!


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