Blog on the Bus pt 26 (no sex please, we’re British)

Hi de hi campers. Welcome to another exciting edition of my Blog on the Bus. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.

The topic for discussion, while you tuck into your Corn Flakes, is sex (whoa there driver, easy on the brakes, I’m talking about sex, not having it). It seems even in this enlightened era that S E X is still something of a taboo for most (in fact I may even be arrested just for saying it out loud on this bus). And yet stories like the 50 Shades saga prove that we Brits, whilst being prudish about such things, can’t get enough of it! There are even some who have claimed that E.L. James is responsible for dragging us out of recession!

So if we are all gagging for it, why don’t we openly talk about it? Sex has been around for thousands of years. Even the Old Testament references the bone(r) that Eve gave to Adam so why do we find it such an awkward topic? You think it’s hard (pun intended) to talk about it? You should try writing about it!

Why am I blabbering?

I’m at a point in my current project Dead Drop (40k words and still going by the way) where I have just written a short sex scene (I mean short in length, not that the characters are short; I’m not writing dwarf porn you understand). So the scene is there to provide background on one of the characters. He appeared in a minor role in Snatched but is someone I am looking to develop for later stories so I want him to have a flawed history. So a question for you fabulous indie authors: where do you find your inspiration?

They say (whoever they are) that you should write about what you know but I’m not sure my wife would approve if I shared the details of what happens when the lights go out. I am no method-writer so I can’t go out and have an affair just to understand what goes where and so forth. So where does that leave me? Should it be based on fantasy (who wants hobbits in a sex scene?) or should I just plagiarise something I saw on the telly? In the past when I’ve ventured into this tantalising territory I have given it my best effort but the writing is less erotic more entry-level. I want to get it right this time so any help or guidance you care to share will be welcomed.

Anyway, that’s all for now. The driver keeps glancing at me in the rear view mirror: I’m either in big trouble or about to be invited out for dinner. Must dash!

Until the next time you find yourself on my bus, happy reading!



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