Blog on the Bus pt 29 (where would I be?)

As I take my seat here on the ‘4A’ this morning, I can’t help but wonder what my life would have been like had I not opened that Word document two and a half years ago and written “Chapter 1”. I certainly don’t think I would be desperately tapping away at my iPhone to get this blog written before I get kicked off! The idea of the blog only started as a way of passing the time on the journey to my other job (the one that does pay the mortgage and bills etc). However, it has now become a cathartic release; a place where my written ramblings can be more light-hearted than the dark nature of my stories. I swear the bus ride is getting quicker or my thumb tapping is getting slower as it’s becoming increasingly difficult to finish a post before the driver is ordering me to get off the bus so he can have a cigarette.

So where would I be?

I suppose still doing the other job, but probably doing more overtime. I’m sure I wouldn’t be on Twitter, and I’m certain I wouldn’t have a snazzy website or even a dedicated Facebook page.

I wouldn’t have experienced the sheer joy that losing yourself in your own imagination for a couple hours can bring; visiting people and places who bend to your will like slaves; to live in somebody else’s shoes for a portion of the day and to experience their views. I wouldn’t have endured hours of editing; rewriting words, passages and bits of text that make no sense whatsoever. I wouldn’t have learned how to use photo manipulation software to design my own book covers and I wouldn’t have suffered the humiliation of the dreaded publisher’s rejection letter.

I wouldn’t have felt elation when typing that final full stop of Integration and thinking ‘Wow, I did it!’. I wouldn’t have decided to take a chance and ignore the publishers’ advice and to publish the bloody thing anyway. I wouldn’t have decided to relive the same experience over and over again: Remorse, Redemption and Snatched

I wouldn’t have met (virtually, you understand) some fantastic indie authors struggling just as I do to share their work with the world and I certainly wouldn’t have spoken with some of the people kind enough to download my work and tell me how much they enjoyed it.

I’d still be on this bus…but I bet the journey would seem that bit longer and be that bit sadder.

If I could go back to September 2010 there is a ton of advice I’d give my younger self but none of it would be to stop trying.

Thanks for joining me this morning. I can see the driver glaring at me in the rear view mirror so I best go.

Until the next time, happy reading!



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