Blog on the Bus pt 30 (carrots help you see in the dark)

Good morning, fellow bus dweller. It’s a bit nippy on the ‘X4’ today I’m sure you’ll agree. The subject of this morning’s ramble is vegetables, or more precisely, carrots. I’m not referring to the type you find in sparkly jewellery (on a side note, never buy 9 and claim it’s 18 – she will catch you out one day!) nor am I literally referring to the small orange objects you might encounter your child pushing around the plate instead of eating them. I am of course referring to the metaphorical kind of carrot (too deep for a Monday morning?)

When I was away in Devon the other week, I met up with my uncle. He’s a retired naval commander and I swear he must be half-Irish, judging by the way he can spin a good yarn about his serving days (think Uncle Albert from OF&H but with interesting stories!). Anyway we were chatting about work (the ‘other’ job you understand, not this writing malarky) and life in general and he began to tell me this story (I won’t go into detail as we’d be here all day and I can see the bus driver tapping his watch already) where the moral of the tale was…

“A carrot is dangled before your eyes everyday; the wise man grabs the carrot and enjoys its richness; the fool doesn’t even see the carrot.’

The story is about seizing opportunities (I think anyway). Fast forward to yesterday, I spent a lovely day in London (it can be done) with my daughter’s Godparents and they were asking me questions about my book writing. I bored them with the detail (bless them for not yawning!) and then they asked me how the current project ‘Dead Drop‘ was progressing. I had to tell them the truth: that I’m still a month behind schedule and unlikely to meet my proposed June publication date. It was the first time I had acknowledged this reality. I’ve been telling myself that if I keep plugging away I’ll get there but the truth is I’m lying to myself.

What’s this got to do with carrots, right?

Well, I woke up at 5 this morning (only by chance – I’m not totally mental!) and rather than trying to get back to sleep before my 6 o’clock alarm would wake me again, I got up. And, rather than sneaking in a cheeky game of Football Manager (don’t pretend like you’ve never done it!) I walked the dog. And, rather than slobbing out in front of the TV I left home and caught this bus.

You see, my uncle’s story came back to me and like a eureka moment, while I was lying in bed, a giant metaphorical carrot in all it’s orange-glory appeared before my eyes: if I catch the 6.05 instead of the 6.55 bus, that’s an extra 50mins writing I could do this morning!

And so, here I am at this crazy time sharing this story with you.

Now, I wonder what carrot will present itself to you today and whether you’ll be wise enough to grab it?!

Until the next time, happy reading!



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