Blog on the Bus pt 32 (did dentists dream about tooth fairies?)

Welcome to this morning’s early blog on the bus. Another week has passed and once more you find yourself tuning in for my latest silly mutterings (do you really have nothing better to do?)

It has been a busy week for me to be honest. Having seized the day (Blog on the Bus pt 30) on Monday and Tuesday last week, I managed to scribble some 13k words or so of my latest offering Dead Drop. Only 10k words left on that one so will hopefully finish within the next 7-10 days. Until you’ve poured your heart and soul into writing a novel, you’ll never appreciate the elation of typing that final full stop (think post-coital fireworks).

I’ve also been creating some book trailers and am pleased to have posted trailers for Integration, Remorse and Dead Drop to YouTube (worth a view if you’re not too busy).

So, onto the nature of this morning’s entry: “did dentists dream of being tooth-fairies?”Or “are we destined to be what we will be?”

I have spoken before about what we wanted to be when we were younger and whether we’ve reached our goals but I am now beginning to believe in the destiny of our life choices (sorry, I know you hate philosophy on a Monday but bear with me, won’t you?) The more I delve into the mysterious and oft terrifying world of book writing, the more I am beginning to believe it is part of my destiny (remember I am a cynic so don’t mistake this for arrogance). I plot my own works, I design my own book covers and I publish (paper and digital) in my spare time. Now I even design my own book trailers. I’m not saying I am “utterly amazing” at it but I’d challenge anyone who says I’m not getting better at it all (please note: I know some really big and hard men before you start to argue with me!)

I believe I’m living my destiny at the moment with my writing. Of course I could just as easily end up as a penniless writer as a successful one but with either outcome, at least I’m on the right road.

Can you say the same?

Someone hoping to follow their destiny as a successful (and well paid) proofreader is my good friend Jo Taylor. I met Jo through Twitter and she was kind enough to read and enjoy (her words, not mine!) my first book Integration. She is now 1 of the 4 proofreaders I use to challenge me and correct my spelling (I used to be so good at SPAG at school, not sure where it all went wrong). Jo has very reasonable rates if you happen to be looking for a proofreader and you can email her direct for a quote via or through Twitter (@JoT63). She does proof reading for a living so is well worth a look!

That’s my plug done for the day (invoice is in the post Jo!)

So whatever your destiny is: rock star, paid assassin, benefits cheat (we don’t judge here) or bus driver, embrace the opportunities that life throws at you and don’t be afraid to try your hand at something new. You never know, you might just enjoy it!

It is that time again when the driver of this bus growls at me for talking absent-mindedly while tapping into this phone (must have reached our destination).

Until the next time, happy reading!



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