Blog on the Bus pt 33 (secrets and half-truths)


Can you keep a secret?

I finished writing Dead Drop today.

Ssshhh, I said to keep it a secret! The final pre-edit word count is 93k words, or to put it in context, 9k words longer than Redemption and 7k words shorter than Integration! Epilogue was completed this morning and I have printed out a paper version to begin the BIG edit. Those authors amongst you will understand the anxiety of approaching such a milestone. The book cover is already to go; if you follow my FB Author page you will have seen it already. The book trailer is complete too (if you haven’t checked it out yet I strongly encourage you to do so!)

The original release date for Dead Drop was 01 June and I haven’t given up hope of achieving it, though time is very tight now.

I’m hoping you’ll agree that this is my best work yet and that the book could be a platform for bigger things (that was the half-truth thing I alluded to).

In the meantime, I’d like to thank all my blog followers, tweeps and FB-ers for your continued and valued support.

Until the next time, happy reading!



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