Blog on the Bus pt 34 (free can be a toll itself)

Hiya, great to meet you. What brings you to the bus today? I’m on my way to work (as always *sighs*).

I have exciting news…

Death Toll is ever closer to publication. For those of you not aware of what this is, let me share…

Death Toll is an anthology of short stories written by some of the world’s most exciting authors (arrogant? Moi?) It features contributions from Stephen Leather, Alex Shaw, J H Bográn, Liam Saville, Howard Manson, Jake Needham and of course…me (modest to leave myself last, don’t you think?)

The short stories are between 1000 and 20000 words and will make great reading on journeys into work (not if you drive yourself of course: please note that read-driving is just as negligent as drink driving! Don’t do it!). This truly is a fantastic collection of work from a group of talented and immensely likeable authors. Which is why…

I am going to be giving away 20 copies of the book for £free (did I really just say that? *gulps*) on publication day to 20 lucky readers.

If you would like to receive your £free copy, all I need is for you to send me your name and email address to

The first 20 entrants will receive a redeemable voucher for the Kindle edition of the Anthology.

Furthermore, if those already very lucky readers post a review of Death Toll within 5-days (whether that be a 1*, 2*, 3*, 4* or even, dare I say it, a 5* review) they will automatically receive a voucher for my brand new thriller Dead Drop due out in June!

“Two free books?” I hear you holler. That’s right: two free books just for sending an email and sharing your opinion!

So, you know what to do: drop me your name via email and then sit back and wait for your copy of the hugely entertaining and breath-takingly brilliant Death Toll

I hope the wet weather doesn’t ruin your Tuesday. Until the next time, happy reading!



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