Blog on the Bus pt 35 (walk like an indie)

Good morning and welcome to the bus. Just the two of us this morning, eh? Not quite sure why there’s nobody else here; guess it’s too early.

Anyway, while I’ve got your ear (well, your eyes at least) I thought I’d tell you that since announcing that I was giving away 20 copies of the Death Toll Anthology (see Blog on the Bus pt 34 (free can be a toll itself))I have been inundated with all of 2 emails! I had expected my inbox to have been ripping at the seams because everybody loves a £free book don’t they?

Apparently not.

So in the event that you saw my generosity as some kind of joke (I’m no Chuckle Brother btw) please take note:

Email me and I will send you a voucher to claim your £free (no strings attached) copy of Death Toll

This is a call to action: the next 18 readers to email me will get a copy!

Until the next time, happy reading!



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