Blog on the Bus pt 39 (new shoes)

Morning. As I sit on this morning’s ‘4A’ bus in discomfort I am reminded of the dilemma currently rocking my writing life.

I bought new work shoes on Sunday (bear with me…it’s one of those long, drawn-out ramble-things I do – like a poor man’s Ronnie Corbett!). My old shoes had seen better days and I found a pair I liked the look of in Asda (us writers really aren’t made of money you know) so I bought them. I wore the new chaussures to work yesterday and to my horror found that the right shoe had rubbed skin the size of a 5p coin from my heel. I’m sure you can understand the pain. But now a new day has dawned and I still need to wear shoes to work today but I don’t want to worsen my (minor) injury.

‘Why not go back to your old shoes?’ I hear you shout. As I said earlier they were no longer fit for purpose and I’ve thrown them away (bin men collected them yesterday). I can’t wear trainers to work as my office isn’t that liberal and I don’t own a second pair of shoes (I’m a writer, remember). So what do I do?

Well, I’ve put a plaster on my heel and a thicker pair of socks on my foot and have squeezed my foot in. I know it will be uncomfortable to walk around today but what other choice do I have, right?

So, onto my writing dilemma (hopefully you’ll recognise the parallel).

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook will already know I have had to scrap the title of my new novel (due out 01 June) as another better-known author has just published a short story with the same title (Dead Drop). So like with my new shoes, I need to choose a new title (did you just have one of those light bulb moments?). I have been playing around with a couple of ideas and have settled on one but like with the right shoe it doesn’t quite fit as it should and so I will need to edit my manuscript a bit to explain it’s meaning (like putting on a plaster you could say).

As with the shoe situation, I’m not in a position to return to the old title so I will have to persevere through the pain (I bet those of you who are ladies will empathise with persevering with an uncomfortable pair of shoes to maintain a look of decorum)

For now, I’m keeping the new title up my sleeve so no bugger can pinch it at the last minute! I should add that Death Toll has received it’s first 5* review and those of you who received a free copy of it can still have a £free copy of Death Toll if you post a review before 01 June.

Until next time, happy reading!



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