Blog on the Bus pt 40 (if you get lost, go back to the beginning)

Good morning dear reader. It feels like an age since we interacted and quite frankly I’ve missed you. Just to give you a catch up on the last week for me, here it is in rhyme:

Diagnosed with shingles (itchy and sore),
Still hobbling about with a broken toe (kicked a door),
May have early signs of a hernia (terribly raw),
Been to London to visit friends (didn’t break the law),
And finally decided on a new book title (hip hip hoo-raw!)

It’s the oddest feeling when I’m not writing; when I’m between projects. Gone is the desire to wake up early to rush to the office to get some writing in before work. Suddenly, I have free time for lunch but find I have nothing to do. It’s like some kind of author’s limbo.

Although the current book isn’t due for release until June, there is little I can do with it until the proof readers complete their reviews. I wouldn’t dream of starting a new project until the current one (Shadow Line) is live so this waif-like state remains.

The outline for the next project is drafted (just a couple of kinks to work through and some additional research) and I’m looking forward to starting it. But as I said I’m not due to commence that until July.

I wasn’t sure what to blog about this morning but then I noticed that this is the 40th blog entry I’ve made (if I had £1 for every blog I’d have…not much money!), so I went back and re-read the first blog post (Blog on the Bus pt 1) to see how I have changed in the last year. My spelling has improved since I turned off predictive text so that’s at least one lesson learned.

It’s strange though: I only started on this road to author-dom under three years ago and now I sit here with 5 books and 2 short stories to my name with sales in the region of 20k. This writing malarky has certainly changed my approach to life and I feel incredibly proud of how my writing is improving with each punt.

What I’ve realised since that inaugural blog entry: if I keep believing, keep trying, keep reading, keep writing, keep reviewing then one day, maybe…just maybe…I might just make it!

Thanks for dropping by. The bus driver has been glaring at me for the last two minutes. The bus is empty and I think he wants a smoke so I better alight.

Until the next time, happy reading!



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