Blog on the Bus pt 41 (strategy, strategy, strategy)

Morning fellow bus dwellers. Welcome to the ‘X4’ here in drizzly Southampton.

It’s all about strategy!

If you are looking to write a novel, you need to make sure that your plot is structured (strategy), that your characters are rounded and well-developed (strategy) and that you have the discipline to make the time to write, edit and revise (strategy). So you see it’s all about strategy!

If you are planning to publish your work, you need to design your cover right (strategy), set the right price (too high and you put off potential customers; too low and it gets lost in the mire of cheap ebooks = strategy), and you need to market / promote it to the right people (strategy).

For those who have been riding this bus blog for some time, you will know that I was part of a writing project that published an anthology of short stories last month. The project (a.k.a. Death Toll) included contributions from the brilliant Stephen Leather as well as up-and-coming talents Alex Shaw, Liam Saville, J H Bográn and of course me! It is a fantastic collection of stories of suspense, action and revenge.

We published it at nearly £4 (and whilst I assure you it is worth every penny), unfortunately the cost has deterred some.

So…we have cut the price with immediate effect! Don’t believe me? Here is the proof.

But wait a minute. I know you can’t wait to click and buy but remain patient a little longer and this weekend download it for free!

From Friday 31 May until midnight on Sunday 02 June Death Toll will be absolutely £free.

I really do encourage you to download your own copy and see how great it is. If you think I’m a decent writer (God only knows why!) then you will love my exclusive short Best Served Cold. It’s about a man who wakes one morning accused of murdering his wife with no recollection of what occurred the previous night. The other contributors each share their unique style too.

So, back to that strategy word. Here’s where I need your help.

I need you to tell your best friend, your partner or spouse, your brother, your sister, your mother and father, your son, your daughter, your uncle and aunt, your Godson, your Goddaughter, your second cousin-twice-removed, that neighbour who feeds the fish when you’re on holiday, any stranger you meet in the street: Death Toll is £free for 3 days only on Kindle!!!

I’ll be tweeting and blogging till I’m blue in the face. If you’ve ever read my work or chuckled at my blog then pay it forward and become part of our strategy to share 6 fantastic authors’ work with the wider world.

Thanks for stopping by. The bus is pulling up and it is time for me to alight. Until next time, happy reading!


(Stephen is the author of Integration, Remorse, Redemption, Snatched and the forthcoming Shadow Line. Find his work here or via


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