Blog on the Bus / Train pt 42 (break the shy habit)

Good morning to those regular bus riders and welcome to those who are embarking on their first journey. Today is a somewhat different ride to the usual ‘X4’ as today we find ourselves aboard a train heading for the bright and dizzying lights of ‘Lundun-tan’ (see I can even speak like a local). Why, I hear you clamour, well I’m on my way to meet some very important people to discuss a new project.

As I look around this carriage at the various suited travellers I’m struck by how similar they all look to the usual troop I see on the bus each morning. Each suit has his head down studying either a mobile (as indeed I am), a newspaper, a Kindle or a book. The important point to notice is that nobody is interacting with anybody else. Could it be that they are all suffering with laryngitis? I doubt it very much. So why do they sit there ignoring one another? It’s incredibly bad mannered when you think about it. Imagine if all life was like that? The trees not talking to the birds, the bees ignoring the plants, the dogs not sniffing each other’s bottoms…you get the picture. What a sad and lonely world that would be.

Before you accuse me of waffling again, I should point out that my allegory is about to reach its peak:

Seven months ago I had an idea to force my followers to become acquainted with some great independent authors (not against their will you understand). I contacted a couple of writing pals that I’ve made along this crazy and diverse path to writer-dom and proposed that we form an anthology of our work and publish it. The notion behind the project was that I would bring my audience to the table (metaphorically speaking) and they would bring their audiences too. In that capacity each of us would have the capacity to share our work with fresh eyes and hopefully make some new friends and loyal readers.

Seven months on and said project Death Toll is live and available on Kindle and in paperback for you to read.

What I should mention now is that our usual audiences (like the passengers on this train) have been a bit shy about coming forward. So, in the interests of brokering an alliance, we (the brilliantly creative authors) have decided to give away copies of Death Toll all weekend on Kindle. So now there is no excuse for you not to download this epic anthology.

Death Toll features contributions from Alex Shaw, Liam Saville, Jose Bográn, Stephen Leather and of course yours truly. It is packed full of great work and offers an aperitif of what we are all about as authors.

So, to recap, Death Toll is £free from Friday 31 May to Sunday 02 June. If you don’t already have your copy, please download it this weekend and tell your friends, family and foes (why not eh? Even assholes read!) to get their copy too.


Until the next time, happy reading.


(Stephen is the author of Integration, Remorse, Redemption, Snatched and the forthcoming Shadow Line. Find his work here or via


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