… STARFISH… it’s an old story… but I still think it’s great… see what ye think…#TBSU…

As always Seumas speaks a lot of sense.

Seumas Gallacher

… the former great, London-born vaudeville and old-time television comic, singer, entertainer, Max Bygraves had a tag-line, ‘I’m gonna tell you a story …’… so, here’s a story to kick off today’s blog post … a man is walking along the seaside early one morning… in the distance he notices a young guy who looks like he’s dancing ballet, moving towards the sea edge, throwing something into the water, and going back again… picking up stuff and repeating the movements… as the man gets closer he observes the shoreline laden with scores and scores of scattered starfishes… a heavy tide had thrown the fish on to the beach and receded too quickly to take them back into the water … stranded as they were, with the heat of the sun during the day, these fish would die… when he reached the younger man, the walker commented, ‘…there’s far too…

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