Blog on the Bus pt 47 (everything happens for a reason)

Morning bus bloggers. The nature of today’s entry, in the cataclysmic calendar of my life, is an old family motto (well, my dad says it a lot!)

Everything happens for a reason…

Okay so it’s not necessarily the most insightful expression that you’ll read this lovely Southampton morning (the sun is out and the birds are singing), it is something that I truly believe in however.

Why? I hear you ask.

I have have many experiences where things have happened and it has seemed like my life has slotted into pace like a jigsaw puzzle.

Take my wife for example (no, please, take her 😊). I met her while at work one evening. At the time, I was at University and working part time in Sainsbury’s. If I hadn’t picked to study in Southampton and I hadn’t transferred from Sainsbury’s in London to earn some extra cash while studying, I probably wouldn’t have been stood by the grapes where we met. If she hadn’t recently broken up with her boyfriend, sworn herself off boys for life and subsequently been dragged to the supermarket by her despairing mother, she wouldn’t have been stood there either.


I don’t think so. She is my soul mate!

Similarly, if my rental property hadn’t been burgled while we were on holiday in Spain in 2010, I would never have written Integration; subsequently I wouldn’t have written Remorse, Redemption, Snatched or Shadow Line.

Everything happens for a reason.

I’ve been hunting for a new job for the last 7 months without success and yet this week I’ve been offered 2 new roles (like buses, these job offers!). I have decided which one I want more, and I’m not going to lie, the proposed salary went a long way to helping me reach the decision. This new improvement in status is going to allow my soul mate and I to move to our dream house (good size and great location) and hopefully add to our clan in the not too distant future. Again, I can see the jigsaw pieces slotting seamlessly together.

In the past 7 months I have been unsuccessful in 5 interviews but I can now appreciate why and in hindsight (looking at what has happened with those roles) I was blessed not to get them. I’ll be honest again and say I was starting to question my dad’s saying (7 months is a hard slog after all!) but I can see the truth in it again.

Everything happens for a reason.

Say it aloud now. Share it with the other people on the bus, train or in the car with you.

Everything happens for a reason.

We don’t know what the reason is at first and it can take time to materialise, but there is a great plan out there for each of us. So fasten up your seat-belts, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Until the next time, happy reading,


Stephen is the author of Integration, Remorse, Redemption, Snatched and Shadow Line. Find his work here or via


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