Blog on the Bus pt 49 (it’s not all about the money is it?)

Morning bus bloggers. Another week has passed and, of course, that means I am a week closer to taking over the world with my writing excellence (well, you’ve got to dream, right?)

So, a certain Ms Rowling has been making the headlines again, although probably for the wrong reasons. She has been accused of trying to pull the wool over the eyes of her readers (as if an author would make stuff up!) by writing under a pseudonym (someone fetch a noose and I’ll meet you at the gallows).

What’s the crime right? Plenty of authors write under a presumed name so that their authorial voice can sound different to their usual one. It’s been happening since the start of time (did you really think the Gospels were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? In fact, they were called John, Paul, George and Ringo but had to change their names for legal reasons).

What has caused such uproar is that sales of the new work, under the different name, were poor. No surprises there either: it’s not easy trying to make a name for yourself (have you heard of me?) A little bird (possibly a sparrow) has let the cat (a ginger tom) out of the bag and now the world knows (what do you mean you hadn’t heard this story?) that the new author is in fact J K (*audibly gasps). What amazes me is where the idea came from (it’s not like Voldermort was ever known by another name…oh wait).

Suddenly sales of the new work have increased and some cynics are questioning was this just a ploy all along? Well it probably was but who are we to judge her for needing more £millions, it’s not like that Harry Potter book will ever take off is it?

As a writer (for that is what I pretend to be), writing is not something I want to do, it’s something I have to do!

I don’t choose to wake up in the morning and begin typing. I don’t choose to remain typing for 1-2 hours, pouring my heart and soul into a project. I don’t choose to edit that work until I’m satisfied with the finished article. A priest doesn’t choose to preach the Word of God, it’s a calling. In the same way, every writer is called to put pen to paper.

Ms Rowling will be judged, for everything she now produces, against the success of that young bespectacled wizard. So who wouldn’t want to hide behind the mask of a pseudonym to allow their calling to proceed. After all, when Jesus rose from the dead he didn’t phone the local press office, he revealed himself to a handful of close friends.

Let’s not judge J K for wanting to write something different and for trying to make some easy cash on the side. We’d all do it given half a chance!

The bus driver is nodding at me in the mirror so he is either in total agreement or it’s time for me to get off. Either way, I’ll let you get back to your Corn Flakes or Shreddies.

Until the next time, happy reading!


Stephen is the author of Integration, Remorse, Redemption, Snatched and Shadow Line. Find his work here or via


3 responses to “Blog on the Bus pt 49 (it’s not all about the money is it?)

  1. Reblogged this on Catherine Burr and commented:
    This is an interesting story on JK Rowling, who only sold 1,500 copies of her pen-name written book, until “someone” leaked she’s the author, then of course, she sold trillions! 👀

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