Blog on the Bus pt 52 (If I ruled the World)

In life, there are those who have the power to make life-changing decisions: doctors, bank managers, hit men (you see my point). What about authors?

Or singers?

Or actors?

Do they possess such power?

Of course not. I mean, I’ve written five novels but what I think, say and do has no bearing on anybody else’s life, does it?


Have you ever been sat in a room / car / kitchen / restaurant (delete as appropriate) and heard a song that just grabbed you? It captured your mood perfectly or the lyrics summed up the way you were feeling? Or have you watched a film (Dead Poets Society springs to mind) that has made you think about changing your life?

You have?

Me too.

I have enjoyed reading crime thrillers since before I know when and it was reading the works of authors like Simon Kernick, Stephen Leather and Mark Billingham that inspired me to begin to believe that maybe, just maybe, I could give this word-typing-book-writing lark a go. I figured my imagination is twisted enough, what have I got to lose? Five books later I can’t say I’ve lost anything. If anything I’d argue I’ve gained.

I’ve met some wonderful people as a result of the literary leap I took three years ago: great undiscovered authors, fans who think I’m wonderful (I do appreciate you both!) and people who just love talking about books. My life would be less sweet if I hadn’t given it a go.

So, maybe one day my own writing might inspire others to follow suit. After all, someone must have inspired Bill Shakespeare to put quill to parchment, right?

Of course, if I did rule the world, things would be pretty different:
1. Cider would be on tap in every household (you’d have hot and cold running water and the third tap would pump cider).
2. Stephen Edger’s Mark Baines Trilogy would form the basis of the National Curriculum.
3. Arsenal would win every game (you’ve got to have a dream, right?)
4. Man Utd and Spurs would be relegated (don’t ask!)
5. And Heinz Tomato Ketchup would be the only condiment on sale (there is no other!)

Of course, these things probably say more about me than the current state of the world but I don’t care, for, in this blog I am King and what I say goes.

Now, if you’re sat reading this thinking there’s something you ought to be doing (curing cancer, killing terrorists or maybe decorating that spare room) then my order to you is: just go and bloody do it! Sadly neither you or me will ever rule the world or have the power to make life-changing decisions.


If we can change the life of just one person…it’ll be all worth while.

Until the next time, happy reading!


Stephen is the author of Integration, Remorse, Redemption, Snatched and Shadow Line. Find his work here or via


One response to “Blog on the Bus pt 52 (If I ruled the World)

  1. Quite right Stephen, although I’m not sure about Arsenal. I’ve had people ask when my next book is coming out, although I don’t know if I have inspired anyone to write. It’s a good thing to think about though.

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